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Located on the upper
level of the Gateway Shopping
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9901 N. Capital of TX Hwy
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Welcome to Gateway Dental Group

Welcome to Gateway Dental Group!

Welcome to Gateway Dental Group where we work to solve all your dental needs. Your comfort and well-being are at the top of our list. We are the health spa for your teeth.

Dental Services

Our dental profession is a lifetime of learning and development. We invest in our practice every day to make sure we have the most up to date materials and techniques that will benefit you and your needs. The last few years have brought wonderful changes to services and procedures that can benefit our patients. Tooth whitening has proven to be effective and beneficial allowing patients to smile without showing yellow stained teeth. Composites have given lots of treatment options eliminating amalgam as a restorative material. Porcelain restores strength and beauty where only a few years ago extraction would be necessary.

Esthetic Services

Your smile is the primary feature another person sees when you first meet. Long before a hand shake that person is judging you by how your smile looks. Making that first impression will never come again so make the best of it now. We make full use of teeth whitening, composites, porcelain and implants to restore your smile to a youthful and pleasing presentation. But, it is not the materials that can make a beautiful smile, it is in the skill and talent of our staff. Our doctors are well schooled in the arts of esthetics as well as the science. In some cases a simple procedures can eliminate a troublesome gap between your teeth or correct tooth blemish that has bothered you for years. Let us show you all the various treatment options that are available.

Special Needs

Not all patients have simple dental needs. Certain life circumstances and situations make sitting in a dental chair uncomfortable. Some patients have dental needs that are so severe they require advanced training to manage. We meet those requirements. We have years of experience treating patients that have received head and neck radiation therapy, advanced diabetes, hemophilia, cancer, heart patients, organ transplant and other problems.


Being a veteran who served in combat we understand the sacrifice and hardship our veterans face. We honor their service. Often military personnel receive orders for oversea duty yet they cannot pass their readiness check. We can correct most dental readiness issues in one day.